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What Dojo University Is

Dojo University offers A to Z online education for bagpipers of all ages and stages. Start from the very beginning, and progress to full mastery of this awe-inspiring instrument.

1500+ bagpipers thrive with Dojo University.

Meet a few of our customers and hear how Dojo U has impacted their piping passion.

I have found that Dojo University has helped me to improve my piping to a level that I previously never thought possible. Andrew and the Dojo U Team goes into exquisite detail, explaining the ‘why’s’ and reasons behind every facet of a fundamental skill.

John Holcombe
John Holcombe Grade 4 Bagpiper, Florida

Dojo U has given me access to a world of piping that, before it’s existence, would never have been possible. I now have a set of fundamentals that has set me on a path for success!

Lee MacLeod
Lee MacLeod Grade 3 Soloist, North Carolina

I've only been piping for a few years, all self taught so far, so this has been my first instruction. I had a workshop with [a Famous Piper] the other day, who complimented me on my playing and commented that my pipes were very well set up (best in the group that was there!) All thanks to you guys here :) I've noticed that my playing has improved a huge amount in the past few weeks since doing the four free videos and then a few days of membership so far, keep up the great work!!

Ailidh Nealgrove
Ailidh Nealgrove Piper for Enjoyment! Aberdeenshire, Scotland

15+ Live Classes Per Week

At Dojo U, we host live bagpipe classes 15+ times per week. We learn tunes, expand technique, and host "Open Dojo Sessions" where students can present material, ask questions, or just hang out. Lastly, don't forget our amazing "VIP" classes with special (world famous) guests like Bruce Gandy and Pipe Major Robert Mathieson.

A Limitless Archive of
On-Demand Content

At Dojo U, every single live class we do is recorded. At the moment, we have 1000+ classes (with 1000+ bagpipe tunes) in our archive, and any Dojo U member can access them at any time they wish! Watch, re-watch, even add your favorite classes to your profile so you'll be able to keep track of them forever!

A Bazillion Tunes in
our Tune Index.
(Really. A Bazillion.)

Every week since we started Dojo U, we've taught and documented several tunes a week. Now, after several years, we have more tunes than you can count in our archive. From simple marches, to competition tunes, to Piobaireachd - it's all there!

Dojo U Membership Levels

Dojo U Memberships are extremely affordable, totally flexible, and you can cancel any time.
Basic members will even get 7 days to try Dojo U for FREE.

$15per Month*
  • 10+ Live Classes Per Week
  • Repertoire, Technique, and Open Dojo Sessions
  • 1000+ Classes On Demand
  • Mobile Apps for Live Classes
  • Access to Dojo Beginner's Tutor
  • Access to Transitioning to Bagpipes Course
  • Includes 7-Day FREE Trial!
  • *$37.50 for 3 months.
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Our Acclaimed Tutor
For Beginning Bagpipers

At the Dojo, we believe in teaching the bagpipes as a true extension of your Self, meaning the music always comes from within you. This means, right from the very beginning, we need to learn the building blocks and fundamentals of real music-making - which is exactly what we do in this course!

Experience our unique layered approach to piping, and learn 16 classic bagpipe tunes, fully embellished!

Dojo U Advanced Courses

Our objective methodology at the Dojo has led to huge success world-wide. We have the track record to prove it too, from world championship wins, Grade 1 qualifying results, to producing some of the best soloists in North America. Want to get in on our most advanced secrets?