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            The Story of Highland Cathedral

            Tom Crawford 0

            Regal. Stately. Majestic. It’s one of the biggest bagpipe tunes ever, behind only "Amazing Grace" and perhaps "Scotland the Brave." "Highland Cathedral" is – or should be – in every piper’s repertoire.  But how much do you know about this tune? Time and again I’ll see it listed in programs as "Highland Cathedral" – traditional Scottish bagpipe tune. But that’s wrong.

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              TECHNIQUE & THEORY

              Understanding Harmonics—Part 2

              John Holcombe 0

              How many of us pipers have a firm grasp of the physics of sound that causes the unique and rich sound of our bagpipes? We are told that we should maintain a pressure in the pipe bag that is at the chanter reed’s “sweet spot”, that pressure that causes the reed to maximally vibrate and bring out the most “harmonics” and richness of sound of the reed. But what, really, are harmonics?

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                      Scale Navigation - The Basics

                      Andrew Douglas 0

                      Any pitched instrument has to have a means to produce its notes. On the bagpipe, we have a small scale that we use that requires specific fingerings to make the notes sound properly. As a piper, you need to make sure these fingerings are correct, and that no unwanted sounds (a.k.a. "crossing noises") occur as you switch from note to note.

                      How to Set Up Your Bagpipes - Glossary

                        Bagpipe Maintenance

                        Andrew Douglas 0

                        Bagpipe maintenance is the root of the bagpipe tree of sound. If the instrument isn't holding air and operating efficiently, there is no way that Tonal Quality or Tuning can be achieved.

                        Tonal Quality

                        Andrew Douglas 0

                        Many pipers around the world, including a shocking number of "top" pipers, assume that, after putting together a well-maintained bagpipe, the next step is to tune it. This could not be further from the truth!


                        Andrew Douglas 0

                        The biggest thing to stress about tuning is that only a small part of the process relies on the quality of your "ear." At the Dojo, we stress that logic and strategy are the biggest components to tuning your instrument, not a magic ability to hear whether or not it's in tune.

                        How to Play Piobaireachd Elements - Glossary


                          Callum Beaumont 0

                          Sometimes referred to as a "throw on F," the Dare brings a rich embellishment to the table in Piobaireachd that isn't often seen in light music. Look at the steps carefully, and make sure to get them right!

                          --- Coming Soon! ---