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    Troubleshooting Corner: The Bass Drone

    Vin Janoski 0

    “I Can’t Get My Bass Drone in Tune.”

    Tuning a bass drone can be troubling indeed for many new pipers. You may be at a point where you are able to “lock in” your tenor drones quite well, but you always seem to take a long time with the bass. You spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get it “right,” making you want to toss your pipes into the fire. Don’t do that. It’s going to be OK.


    Drone Reed Calibration—Wow, What a Difference!

    John Holcombe 0

    Have you ever felt that you were struggling with your pipes, or that they were too hard to blow, or that you just couldn’t blow enough air into the bag to maintain the correct pressure? Can you play for no more than 10-15 minutes, even with an “easy” chanter reed? Have you answered "yes" to any of these questions?



        To Be a Better Piper, Work on the Basics

        Mark Olson 0

        Listen to the Piper's Dojo Audio Experience, #206, Audio Lesson With Grade 3 Solo Competitor. You will note that, if we momentarily set aside the comments on tuning, Andrew's constructive criticisms revolve around the first five finger work fundamentals:

        1. Scale Navigation
        2. Basic Rhythm
        3. Gracenotes and Gracenote Quality
        4. Embellishments and Gracenote Quality
        5. Dot/Cuts (ALAP/ASAP)