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Dojo University is the world's first online piping school. We host continual bagpipe lessons, year round, over the internet. These lessons allow you to connect with the world's best bagpipe teachers for an amazingly low price. Dojo U 2.0 (our second generation) allows you to pay a low monthly fee to access our full line-up of live online bagpipe lessons (at least 15 new classes per week!), and our ever-expanding archive of past classes. If you're a beginner, you can access our acclaimed Tutor System on demand! Now, for well less than the price of an in-person bagpipe lesson, you can have unlimited access to an unlimited number of bagpipe lessons for an entire month.

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Experience 2+ hours of free HD Video, with accompanying text, "on the house"! Learn tunes twice as fast (and twice as well), calibrate your drone reeds, magnify your metronome, and get hooked into our automatic improvement generator!

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