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Daily Dose: Eclipsing the Scale

Daily Doses

Today, we look at some "simple" scale run exercises, but focus on the art of rhythmic accuracy - that total eclipse of the beat - as we play through the exercise.

Daily Dose: Three Times the Fun

Daily Doses

Let's clean up some of those crossing noises with today's triad exercise. Enjoy!

Daily Dose: Goodbye Gracenotes!

Daily Doses

In today's Daily Dose, Andrew throws us a curveball -- by throwing out the gracenotes!

Daily Dose: Andrew's Big Squeeze

Daily Doses

We all know how important physical blowing is, now let's grab our manometers and put ourselves to the test!

Daily Dose: Getting Hawkward

Daily Doses

Is your mental blowing up to stuff? Let's grab the manomenter and try some exercises with The Hawk!

Daily Dose: We've got the beat!

Daily Doses

Today's Daily Dose focuses on rhythmic accuracy with different time signatures, so get your clapping shoes on!

Daily Dose: What's a WaltzaMarch?

Daily Doses

In today's Daily Dose, Andrew reveals his latest Frankenstein monster, the WaltzaMarch!

Daily Dose: Wait, What?

Daily Doses

If Andrew told you to march off a cliff, would you do it? What if he asked you to march to the off-beat?

Daily Dose: The Fusion Challenge

Daily Doses

In today's Daily Dose, we zoom in on two bars of Mrs. John MacColl to find fusion perfection.