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Daily Dose: This Ending is a Great Beginning

Daily Doses

Let's look at the iconic ending phrase of Susan MacLeod, focusing on playing our embellishments correctly!

Daily Dose: We've got the beat!

Daily Doses

Today's Daily Dose focuses on rhythmic accuracy with different time signatures, so get your clapping shoes on!

Daily Dose: The Fusion Challenge

Daily Doses

In today's Daily Dose, we zoom in on two bars of Mrs. John MacColl to find fusion perfection.

Daily Dose: The Dojo Tuning Challenge

Daily Doses

Today we see how fast we can tune our pipes -- grab a friend and follow along!

Daily Dose: Fusion No More!

Daily Doses

Let's try taking the fusion notes out of a tune, and see if we can put them back in!

Daily Dose: Tricky Tenors

Daily Doses

Let's get some practice in on tuning our bagpipes in today's Daily Dose!

Daily Dose: Doubling Fusion Improvement

Daily Doses

Oh dear, it's the dreaded E Doubling from F... Here's a great exercise to work on just that and well a little bit more, like fusion of course!

Daily Dose: Arm Day at the Dojo Gym

Daily Doses

In today's Daily Dose, we practice the Squeeze Tabata -- how strong is your arm?

Daily Dose: Name The Steps Part 2 - Name Harder!

Daily Doses

Are you ready to take another crack at "Name the Steps Faster Than Andrew"? Put him in his place!