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Tutor [Vintage] - Lesson 3-1: D Gracenotes

Tutor [Vintage] - Lesson 3-1: D Gracenotes


D gracenotes are the most common of the supporting gracenotes. The reason for this is that D gracenotes are easy to play (they use the right-hand index finger), and produce a mellow, soft sound that contrasts effectively with the G gracenote.

In this lesson, we’ll get used to the D gracenote, and its musical relationship to the G gracenote.

3-1: D Gracenote Basics

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  • Play every note accurately.
    • A crisp, clean transition to each note.
    • Correct gracenote technique. (See Video from Lesson 2-1 and This Lesson)
    • Play rhythms accurately.
      • Tap your foot at the beginning of each beat. (See Note 1 from Lesson 1-3)
      • Properly subdivide each beat. (See Note 2 from Lesson 1-3)
      • Fuse your G Gracenotes to the tap of your foot.
      • Keep your fingers properly positioned on the chanter. (See Lesson 1-1.2)
      • Don’t worry about how fast the tempo is; worry about the steadiness of the tempo.


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