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What is the difference between Dojo University Membership content and our Courses?

Well, we think memberships are the best way to get an all-round, fully immersive bagpiping experience. Year-round, interactive learning is an amazing advancement in the world of bagpipes.

With that said, over the past few years we've also developed courses, that compress all of the essential knowledge you need into highly polished, concise, HD video packages that are available for purchase. If you look at Dojo U like a real University - Courses are like the text-books; Memberships allow you to come to classes!

Once purchased, you'll have access to your course forever, thus allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit material any time you want - from any device imaginable!

Piper's Dojo Beginner's Tutor

BAEYS Tutor BoxWe came out with the first version of our tutor in 2010, and it was a huge success.  Tons of aspiring students became real bagpipes in an extraordinarily quick period of time! It was so successful in fact that we completely revamped the tutor, calling it "Version 2."

Split into 4 Key Chapters, our tutor is revolutionary in the way it builds rational layers of musical fundamentals in order to learn to play in a way that will skyrocket future success.

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Transitioning to the Bagpipes Course

This "stepping stone" course helps pipers make the leap from practice chanter to full pipes! Whether you use our tutor or a different one, this tutor helps us get familiar with the full Highland Bagpipes, learn to put them together, and, of course, learning to blow them up and play some tunes!

From Assembly, through Maintenance, Tonal Production, and Tuning, this course is a must-purchase if you need to get up on those pipes and start seeing real results.

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Fingerwork Fundamentals Course

This course is truly unique in the world of bagpiping. Our highly objective, deep study of the fingerwork of the bagpipes does something no other bagpipe product (that we know of) can do: It helps you take your playing to the next level.

Musical fingerwork has several key layers that all need to come together to make good music - Clean Scale Navigation, accurate rhythm, crisp gracenotes, accurate and consistent embellishments, expression, etc. Prepare to be overwhelmed (in a good way!) with the possibilities this Fingerwork Fundamentals Course will bring to your playing!

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Bagpipe Sound Fundamentals Course

To our knowledge, never before has the "big picture" of bagpipe sound fundamentals been assembled so completely, so rationally, and so simply for the world to digest. How exactly does everything fit together? Is there a logical order of all of this stuff? What are my top priorities when I practice? Why am I stuck, and not able to improve?

All of these answers, and more, are found in this course. Enjoy a 1-stop, 20+ hour course that takes you through the Dojo's revolutionary instrument fundamentals system!

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6-Month Composition Course

Many of us dream of being able to write tunes, write harmonies, write that magical "suite" that the world cherishes - or, perhaps just a simple understanding of musical theory is in order?

Well, we've designed a special 6-month course for pipers to digest that takes an in-depth journey into music theory (catered especially for bagpipes), tune-writing, harmony writing, suite writing, jamming with other instruments, writing for pipe bands, and much, much more!

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