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You Will Discover:

- How to impress your teachers, your judges, your pipe major, and your family and friends with a new mastery of bagpipe fingerwork (that actually radiates music!)

- The logical organization of all fingerwork technique, that will allow you to isolate and solve any fingerwork problems, and track your improvement.

- How to save time by discarding the confusing, subjective ideas that clutter the minds of most bagpipe learners, and instead replacing those ideas with rational, simple solutions that will skyrocket your playing.

I have learned more in the past few weeks since I've signed up with you than I had during almost 6 years of playing with a band! And your style of instruction is exactly what I've been looking for. So much is now so much clearer and I see significant improvement already. The instruction available to me is second only to your fantastic customer service. I only wish I had found your site sooner! Thanks again!
John G, New Jersey
Since becoming exposed to the Dojo U approach to Fingerwork I can whole heartedly state that my knowledge of piping has grown exponentially... the U provides a wealth of knowledge and experience at my fingertips whenever and wherever I want it and the quality of instruction is excellent. If you want to learn piping, this is the place to be.
James Z, New Mexico

Dear Bagpiper,

What if you could pull up a video on your home computer, office computer, television, or mobile device and learn everything you needed to know to put your bagpipe fingerwork on track?

I'm not talking about gimmicks here! I'm talking about objective, rational skills that top pipers use every day to continue in reaching the next level with their playing - I'm talking about secrets of cleanly moving around the scale, of the mastery of rhythm, of perfectly executed gracenotes and embellishments, and of mystical "expression".

And, what if you could learn all of these skills in just a few hours? Are you getting excited yet?

Well... You should be!

Because on this page, I'm going to reveal our approach to bagpipe fingerwork that will allow you to learn anywhere: in your practice room, in your car, on your ipod® while at the gym --- ANYWHERE!

So, if you have a computer and a few hours to spare, then you have what it takes to start mastering your fingerwork the objective (smart) way.

Here's some info about my tested and proven approach...

For this course, we're going to recommend that you have a couple of tunes under your belt, but you really don't need much more than that. Why? Well, we're going to go back to basics. We're going to build your piping technique (and knowledge) from the ground up. If you're an experienced piper, you can think of it as re-building your technique (but this time the right way).

I don't use very many exercises, so you don't have to worry about the same old shtick that you've done before! Actually, as you'll experience first hand in the course, you'll be making your own exercises (which are short, sweet, and fun), that will actually help you improve as a player. Instead of a teacher just telling you what to do, you're going to understand the "how" and "why" behind bagpipe fingerwork, and once done, you'll have a well-rounded education after just a few hours of video-time with me.

No boring book work! Everything is video-based. Whether at home, lazing around the house, or even exercising, you'll benefit from this convenient way to learn. I designed this video program with busy people in mind so you'll find this program to be straight to the point, open ended (i.e. there's a lot of stuff you can do on your own time outside of the video-lessons), and most importantly - FUN. No fluff. No hype. Straight to the point!

For more information about me, click here.

Let's get down to it.

Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect to learn in our comprehensive "Fingerwork Fundamentals" video series:

  • A Musician's Perspective

    The four key components of music making (melody, rhythm, articulation, dynamics), and how bagpipes handle each of the four components.

    That's one of the major philosophical differences between the Dojo approach and others: We believe bagpipes are a musical instrument too.

  • Scale Navigation

    How crossing noises are enemy number 1 to producing melody, and how there are three (and only three) types of crossing noises. Wait, there are types of crossing noises? You bet! And knowing the types will help you understand and troubleshoot crossing noise errors.

  • Rhythmic Aptitude

    How playing to the foot is the secret to achieving great rhythm - NOT excessive metronome use.

    How three simple rhythmic figures make up ALL of our piping rhythms. Have rhythms thrown you off in the past? Kiss that frustration goodbye!

  • The Articulation Evolution

    The evolution of the gracenote-system, and how understanding that evolution will make us better, smarter players.

  • Gracenote Parameters

    Two parameters to creating PERFECT gracenotes, EVERY time. Really, we mean it! If you can master these two parameters, you'll never have gracenote issues again.

  • Embellishments De-coded

    How to understand bagpipe embellishments in the scope of logical bagpipe fundamentals. We'll identify the STEPS of the movements, and then make sure each of those steps are executed accurately, evenly, and efficiently.

  • Expression, Understood

    How bagpipe "expression" is a "work-around" for us to achieve DYNAMICS in our playing. Because we can't change volume at all when we play, we need to come up with another means to express...

  • Analytics

    Once we've developed a true, OBJECTIVE view of fingerwork fundamentals, we'll examine some playing, and diagnose playing issues (in the RIGHT way that will help that player FIX the problem). Needless to say, you'll be able to run diagnostics on your own playing by the end of this course.

  • Up, and Up

    Of course, this course has much, much more to offer! Your piping could be moments away from being set in an upward motion forever!

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360 Degrees of Bagpipe Fingerwork

To our knowledge, never before has the "big picture" of bagpipe fingerwork been assembled so completely, so rationally, and so simply for the world to digest. How exactly does everything fit together? Is there a logical order of all of this stuff? What are my top priorities when I practice? Why am I stuck, and not able to improve?

All of these answers, and more, are found in this course.
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Limited-Time FREE Bonus Materials!
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  • Super Bonus #1: Tests and Quizzes (with Answer Key)

    As a very special one-time bonus, I'd also like to include (for free) my "tests and quizzes" materials with the purchase of this course. Usually, I will only offer these tests and quizzes to private students and to bands I do workshops with, but, if you order before the deadline, I'm happy to throw these in for free.

    Each chapter will have three quizzes that are offered, to use to test your own knowledge, or the knowledge of your students/peers. For the purposes of this bonus, I've included video of me going through the right and wrong answers for each question on the quiz.

    The BIG TEST at the end of the course (of which I've included here) will have the same format, but will require knowledge from the whole course (not just individual chapters) in order to pass it. I've also included video going through right and wrong answers here as well - for you to use as an answer key.

    My estimated value for this is at least $75, because of the knowledge and time it took to put these together, not to mention the huge value of being able to test yourself! Enjoy it for free if you purchase this course before the deadline.

  • Super Bonus #2: 10 Bonus Hours of Fingerwork Fundamentals

    Also, if you purchase now, I'll offer you 10 bonus classes on fingerwork fundamentals from the Dojo U archives.

    These are classes that I've taught over the years that came off well, where there were tons of great interactive questions asked, and where the fundamentals were really well re-enforced.

    You'll have access to these classes inside of the Dojo U portal once you've purchased the course!

    Value: At least $75. (It would take you at least a couple of months of a Dojo U premium membership to digest all of this amazing bonus material!)

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    If the first two bonuses haven't tipped you over the top yet, perhaps a free month of Dojo U Premium Membership access will!

    A premium membership at Dojo U gives you access to live classes by Dojo Staff and by famous pipers, and unlimited access to our archive of LITERALLY THOUSANDS of pre-recorded live classes.

    There's no better way to supplement the purchase of this course than with a Dojo U Membership, and you can try it for free for a month with your purchase today (before the deadline). Note: After the first month, your card will be charged $30/month thereafter. However, if you're not using the membership, just cancel with one click!

Technicalities - How will this purchase actually work?

When you purchase the course, you'll get an email within a minute or so that contains log-in information to a secret area of the Dojo U website.

From this secret area, you'll be able to easily navigate to each part of our course, and to our bonus materials.

The course is taught mostly in video form. Our video smoothly streams onto your computer or mobile device, on demand wherever there's an internet connection.

The course also has over 100 pages of printable PDF slides, for you to take notes on (if you wish).

Worried about Support?

Don't be! We have members of staff available to offer you tons of support during every business week. Plus, on weekends, we're usually around to help via email.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know that purchasing a course like this seems like a bit of a risk... I mean, let's face it - maybe you won't like it, right?

I'm so confident that you'll love this course that I'll give you 30 days to tell me that it's not for you. If, in that time, you're just not getting out of it what you wanted, I'll refund you. It's a simple as that. If you're not happy, I pay, not you.

Oh, and even if you're not happy, you can keep all three bonus materials for free, on the house.

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