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In session 3, Matt takes us on a journey to Swede Lake in Saskatchewan for some unique sound recording. "Under Living Skies" is an ongoing project to use the lake as an instrument. After identifing the resonant frequencies of the lake and assigning several pitches to those frequencies; Matt and others returned to the lake with instruments and speakers to play with the lake! Complete with recordings... this session starts to put the science and the music together.
In session 2 we again take a look at the scientific side of sound. This week, we're going to take our mastery of the physics of sound and look at different tuning systems, how they came about, and what makes them unique. We'll talk about the difference between a tempered tuning system and a Pythagorean tuning system in Western Music, and we'll talk about a few different tuning systems from around the world (and even some alternate tuning systems developed in the 20th century by avant-garde composers.).