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Drone Reed Calibration—Wow, What a Difference!

John Holcombe
Have you ever felt that you were struggling with your pipes, or that they were too hard to blow, or that you just couldn’t blow enough air into the bag to maintain the correct pressure? Can you play for no more than 10-15 minutes, even with an “easy” chanter reed? Have you answered "yes" to any of these questions?

How to Use a Water Manometer to Find the Chanter Reed’s Sweet Spot

To Be a Better Piper, Work on the Basics

Mark Olson
Listen to the Piper's Dojo Audio Experience, #206, Audio Lesson With Grade 3 Solo Competitor. You will note that, if we momentarily set aside the comments on tuning, Andrew's constructive criticisms revolve around the first five finger work fundamentals:
  1. Scale Navigation
  2. Basic Rhythm
  3. Gracenotes and Gracenote Quality
  4. Embellishments and Gracenote Quality
  5. Dot/Cuts (ALAP/ASAP)

"How Do Chanter Reeds Work?"

4 Reasons You're Struggling to Tune Your Pipes (That Have Nothing to Do with Tuning...)

Andrew Douglas
Tuning Fork
This is a tuning fork, used for tuning instruments before the era of analog and digital tuning machines.
Obviously bagpipes have to be in tune in order for people to want to listen to them. However, at least 90% of tuning problems are caused not by a lack of solid tuning technique, but by problems with the foundation of your instrument.

Get Your Bagpipe Sound in Order

Donald MacDonald

David Lairson
The playing of bagpipes has been around for thousands of years. The Highland bagpipe and its music has existed for mere hundred. The unique style of playing and its’ associated traditions could have been lost without the standardization and writing down of the tunes. One of the unknown heroes in keeping the music alive was Donald MacDonald.

Donald Lindsay - Piobaireachd Study - The Lament for MacDonald's Tutor [Vintage]

Major-General C.S. Thomason

David Lairson
During the later part of the 1800’s there was a belief among many bagpipers that Piobaireachd, or classical bagpipe music, was close to being lost. One of the music's greatest supporters, and one of the founding members of the Piobaireachd Society, was Major-General C.S. Thomason. He spent much of his life studying, collecting, and finally publishing a major work on piobaireachd, Ceol Mor.

Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, M.B.E.