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Set “Anti-Goals” for a Fresh Piping Perspective

Vin Janoski
Highland bagpipe is rife with things that must be learned in order to play well. As with any big task, setting goals for yourself to keep things moving and improving is a given. Formal goal-setting is a tactic can work but, sometimes, thinking too much of what your ultimate achievement or goal is can overwhelm you when you think of the amount of work to get you there.

Trust Your Piping System, Not Your Goals

A Positive Attitude Toward Performance

Mark Olson
Things were not looking good. We were down 7 to 1 in the fifth inning. Our opponents, Hillside Team #9, were the bullies of the league. Their lineup was stacked. They had won ten straight games by the 10 run rule. They didn’t play to win; they played for blood. They had won their last eleven games by the ten run rule. In our last game with them, we, too, had suffered the ignominy of the mercy rule. And, Murphy was pitching. He didn’t really pitch. He threw fire. Most of our players only heard the slap of the ball in the catcher’s mitt and the ump’s “steerike” call before they were even ready. Rumor had it that no one had put the ball in play off of him since the second game of the season.

Piper's Performance Anxiety