Home Interest Piobaireachd Donald Lindsay - Piobaireachd Study - Lord Lovats Lament [Vintage]
Donald Lindsay - Piobaireachd Study - Lord Lovats Lament [Vintage]

Donald Lindsay - Piobaireachd Study - Lord Lovats Lament [Vintage]


In this class we look at the prolific piece: Lord Lovats Lament. This is one of Donald's more favorite tunes. The tunes is best expressed by Bob Nicol one of Donald primary mentors. This beautiful tune is mainly made of the primary harmonic intervals which makes it a great tune to play on a well tuned pipe. This tune will actually make your pipes sound better!

Date of Original Live Class: Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 7:30pm
Course Name: Piobaireachd Study
Class Name: Lord Lovats Lament
Class Instructor: Donald Lindsay

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Donald Lindsay Founder of the legendary Invermark College of Piping, Donald is one of the most knowledgeable and inspirational bagpipe teachers in North America. In addition to a specialty in Piobaireachd, Donald has a wealth of experience in solo and band musicianship. He has taught and developed legions of pipers in the Northeast and beyond. His teaching methods will challenge and inspire pipers to achieve their best. Donald was the second American to win the Silver Medal for Piobaireachd in 1986. He served as Pipe Major of the Oran Mor Pipe Band for 13 years leading the band from Grade 3 to Grade 1.