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The Glorious Effect

The Glorious Effect


This rediscovered and seemingly ancient video was making the rounds a while back. It’s worth an hour of your time as it covers Highland bagpipes, bagpipers, and bagpipe competition with the rare tone of respect and high regard. We get to see many of the modern era’s top pipers as their (very) younger selves playing and carousing as if this were a video taken just yesterday. It’s worth it just to see the late, great John D. Burgess in full piobaireachd appreciation mode. Many things have not changed a’tall.

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Vin Janoski Vin is a long-time piper based on the east coast of the USA. He has been on the Executive Committee of the EUSPBA and been the editor of the acclaimed Voice magazine. Recently, he has played in the Grade 1 Oran Mor Pipe Band, and the Grade 1 Stuart Highlanders pipe band. He currently produces the websites Pipehacker.com and WhiskyTunes.com.... And, needless to say, he spends way too much time than is allowed for any one person playing, writing about, and thinking about bagpiping.