How to Use a Metronome to Learn a Jig

John Holcombe
When you are learning a new jig, do you often have trouble staying “on the beat” because you are using all of your concentration just to play all of the melody notes, gracenotes and embellishments correctly? Then, after you get those pesky things out of the way, are you still having trouble getting that “jig feel”? Using a metronome during your practice may well be a useful tool for you.

How to Use a Metronome to Improve Your Piping

How Slow is Slow? Part 5

Mark Olson
Practicing slowly is a means to an end. It is the foundation of good musicianship and is recognized by many musical disciplines as a technique that you can use to develop your musical skills. By practicing slowly, you give yourself time to execute each melody note and embellishment accurately and evenly.

How Slow is Slow, Part 4