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Three Ways Dojo University can spice up your Piping Life

Three Ways Dojo University can spice up your Piping Life


ConnectTired of the same ol' routine, year in and year out? Here are three ways that Dojo University will spice up your piping life.

One: Meet new people.
Dojo University reaches international audiences because we are based online. Anyone with an internet connection can experience our top notch instruction - but they can also experience a wide-ranging new social circle! Dojo U offers chat, messaging, forums, and more in our comprehensive system. You can meet new people during your course that share your interests, and will become life-long friends.

Two: Experience topics you may not have even dreamed of.
Dojo University creates a great learning environment right on your home computer. One of the biggest benefits to this environment is the ability to sit back, relax, and soak in things that you never knew were out there. For example, typical lessons have goals that are set by you. Maybe you're working on new material, or your E doublings, or... something of the sort. At Dojo U, you're going to experience all your instructor has to offer - which is, by their nature, a lot!

Three: Name Drop Like Never Before (Just Kidding)
With Dojo U, you'll have a connection to the top of the piping and drumming world! Get to know the musicians that have molded the world that you live in. As much as your local instructors may be great, these instructors are mostly likely the pipers that inspired them.

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Andrew Douglas Andrew is a prolific practitioner of the bagpipe, having been active at the highest level of pipe bands, solo competition, teaching, and creative endeavors for the past 20 years. He's also the founder and creator of Dojo U and of PipersDojo.com