Winter Storm Live Broadcast

For the second straight year, Dojo University and Winter Storm are teaming up to bring the music, competition, and fun of North America's best piping weekend to your home computer screen.

It's not always possible to get to Kansas City in the middle of January, so we're very honored and excited to help you bridge the gap (using a little thing called the internet) again this year. Just like last year, the proceeds from this event will be donated back to MHAF.

Below, you'll see some buttons to click to purchase a pass for the weekend's events. Once you've purchased your pass, we'll email you a password to access the live-streaming video of Winter Storm!

Want to learn more about just what you'll be able to watch when you purchase a pass? Click here now to read the details!

Friday, January 10th:

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Friday's events include North America's top solo competitions
of the calendar year. Click here to learn more!
Contests begin at 8am (GMT -6)

Saturday, January 11th:

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Saturday's big event is the Winter Storm Concert.
Click here to learn more!
Concert begins at 7:15pm (GMT -6)

Get a Weekend Pass- Our Best Value!

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Want both the competition on Friday and the recital on Saturday?
Get a weekend pass! $20 gets you access to both days (save $5!).

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even though you're interested. Please, click here so that we can send
you an email or two leading up to the event, so it stays on your radar.

All proceeds from the Winter Storm Live Broadcast go straight back to the Midwest Highland Arts Fund (a not-for-profit corporation)! Check out their page.

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