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Daily Dose: Another Fancy Major

Daily Doses

In this dose we look at part of the 3rd part of Major Nickerson's Fancy. It's a tricky bit of grace noting and requires good rhythm. 

Daily Dose: Find the Sweet Spot

Daily Doses

Let's simply work on the process of identifying the sweet spot on the manometer today. Can you do it properly?

Daily Dose: Big Ups!

Daily Doses

Grab your pipes and let's work on the Big Ups & Downs Exercise, with a special focus on steadiness.

Daily Dose: Major Nickerson's Arpeggios

Daily Doses

In this Daily Dose we look at Major Nickerson's Fancy, a 6/8 Jig that uses many arpeggios.  What a great way to make sure we aren't playing crossing noises!

Daily Dose: Top Hand Strikes

Daily Doses

In this dose we look at some top hand strikes a listen for accuracy and size of the strikes.

Daily Dose: Perfecting the E Gracenote

Daily Doses

Can you play a perfect E gracenote? Lets find out with today's exercise!

Daily Dose: Closed to Open to Closed

Daily Doses

Today let's look at the idea of what an "infinitely small" gracenote might sound like, by starting small, and then opening them up. Then, we'll close them down again. Check it out!

Daily Dose: Under Pressure

Daily Doses

It's time to bring out the pipes! Let's see if you can maintain tone while pushing almost all of the air out of your bag.

Daily Dose: The GDE Stomp

Daily Doses

Also known as "Three Over Four", this poly-rhythmic exercise is sure to get you grooving!