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Gone are the days where the tutor book was our only guide to learning the bagpipe. Where a few words on a page and a couple of pictures were all we had to go on to figure out how this vastly complicated instrument was to be played.

Gone are the days where we waited seemingly endless periods of time for the next book of tunes or CD of a great piper, in order to experience what was fresh in the world of piping.

Gone are the days where famous bagpipers were just people that you read about in quarterly magazines, and meeting them seemed utterly far-fetched.

Now, with the advent of this crazy thing we call the Internet, it's possible to embed the entire universe of bagpipe music, culture, and education in one place - where, regardless of your age or stage, you can choose a musical adventure of your own and see it through to a conclusion that promises joy and enrichment of life.

It IS possible - it's called Dojo University.

A Universe of Bagpipes - In the Palm of Your Hand

We started years ago as the world's first online bagpipe school. Since then, we have shrunk down into the palm of your hand, and can now teach you bagpipes - and allow you to experience the culture of the the Great Instrument - on any device that you use.

For the on-the-go piper, DoJo U offers on demand educational content teaching repertoire, technique, and just plain musical enjoyment! Simply sign onto Dojo U, click the latest post of interest, and start learning. It's as simple as that.

If you'd like to, you can meet any of our staff or world-famous instructors live, in person, using online conferencing software to bridge the gap. Learn tunes and concepts, ask questions, get critiqued on your playing, and just plain socialize. Dojo U live brings the personal connection to what might otherwise be an impersonal environment! This is the backbone of our vision, and has been from the beginning.

From any device, we encourage you to

  • search our index of over 1000 bagpipe tunes,
  • participate in any number of highly focused courses conspecific bagpipe topics,
  • socialize on our Facebook group,
  • learn the instrument from scratch,
  • refine your already-advanced skills,
  • meet, get to know, and learn from many of the world's greatest bagpipers,
  • learn repertoire, technique, and theory - on demand, on your device, any time
  • and much, much more!

Come dive in to the wonderful world of bagpipes with us.