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Another Dose of Piping Inspiration


I know of no better way to spend “off time” than to watch/listen to great piping. It's better than a cup of tea as the cold weather bears down. It's the stuff that keeps you motivated to play, makes for exciting listening, and is educational. Regular doses of piping inspiration are a good remedy for whatever’s got you down, frustrated, or miffed.

The 2017 Glenfiddich recently passed and, those who were up early to watch the livestream on this side of the pond, got an earful of excellent performances as they happened. The recorded videos have now been released for the rest of us. So enjoy this slate of world-class performances, including Cameron Drummond's 5th place MSR.

Cameron Drummond peforms MSR at the Glenfiddich Piping Championship 2017 from The National Piping Centre on Vimeo.

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Inverary Castle Parts 1 & 2 With Cameron Drummond

Inverary Castle Parts 3 & 4 With Cameron Drummond


Vin Janoski Vin is a long-time piper based on the east coast of the USA. He has been on the Executive Committee of the EUSPBA and been the editor of the acclaimed Voice magazine. Recently, he has played in the Grade 1 Oran Mor Pipe Band, and the Grade 1 Stuart Highlanders pipe band. He currently produces the websites Pipehacker.com and WhiskyTunes.com.... And, needless to say, he spends way too much time than is allowed for any one person playing, writing about, and thinking about bagpiping.