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Bruce Gandy [Vintage] - Bruce Gandy's Jig Class [Vintage]

Bruce Gandy [Vintage] - Bruce Gandy's Jig Class [Vintage]


Week 2 continues with Bruce scrupulously going through more classic tunes so that players of all levels will walk away with great jigs under their belts. What makes a great jig? How do you make a jig come alive "off the page?" Bruce is a master of this very idea, and you can be sure that he'll be talking a lot about the answers to those questions in his class. Getting started in the world of competing or performing? This class is ideal for you! You'll learn the fundamentals of jig playing, and have a great head start in regards to how to present a successful jig. Tunes covered in this session are I Hae a Wife o my Aim, The One Horned Cow, and Alex Currie's Jig

Date of Original Live Class: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 7:00pm
Course Name: Premium - Special Events
Class Name: Bruce Gandy's Jig Class
Class Instructor: Bruce Gandy

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Bruce Gandy Bruce is a prolific teacher, performer, and composer for the bagpipe. He won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in 2002, and in 2003 won the Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering and the Bratach Gorm. He hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia.