Discover the Process of Mastering Bagpipe Setup, Tone, and TUNING, with our 20+ Hour Course!

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You Will Discover:

- How to save time and seemingly endless frustration by discarding the confusing, subjective hodge-podge of bagpipe ideas that clutter the minds of most bagpipe learners, and instead replacing those ideas with rational, simple solutions that will skyrocket your bagpipe sound.

- The logical organization of all instrument processes and technique, that will allow you to isolate and solve any instrument problems, and track your improvement.

- How to impress your teachers, your judges, your pipe major, and your family and friends with a new mastery of bagpipe instrument fundamentals.

Being a self-taught piper, you can imagine the pitfalls I have encountered (not to mention bad habits I have picked up along the way). I have found this course very useful and the instruction very informative, thorough and professional. I only wished I had discovered Dojo U much sooner!

Warwick M, Tuncurry Australia

Each and every lesson in this course has improved my piping skills ten-fold! The instruction is great and I thank you all for making this education available to us. Looking forward to more.

James C, Colorado

Dear Bagpiper,

What if you could pull up a video on your home computer, office computer, television, or mobile device and learn everything you needed to know to put your bagpipe instrument and sound on a track for success (and sweet sound!)?

I'm not talking about gimmicks here! I'm talking about objective, rational skills that top pipers use every day to continue in reaching the next level with their sound - I'm talking about essential fundamental skills (that have been in the shadows of the piping world for far too long) like a simple 5-step maintenance/setup plan, how to find and master super-harmonic chanter sound, a simple process for tuning your pipes (and staying in tune), and much more.

And, what if you could learn all of these skills in just a few hours? Are you getting excited yet?

Well... You should be!

Because on this page, I'm going to reveal our approach to bagpipe sound that will allow you to learn anywhere: in your practice room, in your car, on your ipod® while at the gym --- ANYWHERE!

So, if you have a computer and a few hours to spare, then you have what it takes to start mastering your instrument the objective (smart) way.

Here's some info about our tested and proven approach...

For this course, we're going to recommend that you have a couple of tunes you can play on your pipes, but you really don't need much more than that. Why? Well, we're going to go back to basics. We're going to build your bagpipe sound (and knowledge of it) from the ground up. If you're an experienced piper, you can think of it as re-building your technique (but this time the right way).

We don't use conventional methods that only sort of get you where you need to go. Our course focuses on a logical pathway to building a bagpipe sound, in a way that you can connect with, believe in, and most importantly, that you can do in just a few minutes each session (allowing you to focus on the pure music-making that you're passionate about!).

No boring book work! Everything is video-based. Whether at home, lazing around the house, or even exercising, you'll benefit from this convenient way to learn. I designed this video program with busy people in mind so you'll find this program to be straight to the point, open ended (i.e. there's a lot of stuff you can do on your own time outside of the video-lessons), and most importantly - FUN. No fluff. No hype. Straight to the point!

For more information about me, click here.

Let's get down to it.

Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect to learn in our comprehensive "Bagpipe Sound Fundamentals" video series:

  • Our 'Bagpipe Tree of Sound'

    Every Dojo needs a tree of some kind, right? (Karate Kid, anyone?)

    In this course, we use a Tree to visualize and organize exactly where we need to go with our bagpipe sound. If we build our sound from the ground up each time we play, we'll never get lost, and we'll always know what our priorities are.

  • Bagpipe Maintenance Decoded

    If you've been playing for any period of time, you know there are a bunch of different maintenance things you need to do to your pipes. Maybe you've even done most of these things in the past. But do you know the exact order that you should maintain your instrument? Do you have a mental checklist that guarantees 110% efficiency, every time?

  • Drone Reed Calibration

    This Dojo-original technique shows you how to make sure your drones reeds are taking the most efficient, perfect amount of air. If they are inefficient, you'll be venting tons and tons of excess air and effort through them, and your sound will suffer as a result (your sound will be unsteady, untunable, and it'll collect tons of excess moisture!).

  • The Lost Art of 'Tonal Quality'

    What would you say if we told you to forget about blowing steady? We're crazy, right? Well, let us show you what we mean by exploring the idea of great "Tonal Quality" and harmonic projection.

  • Two Pieces to the Steady-Blowing Puzzle

    Once you realize that steady blowing is the icing on the cake (and NOT the cake itself), it's time to take a new outlook on this skill. There are two key pieces to this puzzle, and, if we know how to separate them, we'll be able to skyrocket our abilities in this area of bagpipe sound production.

  • A Tool for Tonal Production Mastery

    Using a very simple tube-style water manometer, we'll show you how to master your tonal production. Let's stop wondering how to get a great sound, and instead just go for it!

  • Tuning: The Most Over-rated Element of Bagpipe Sound?

    Did you just read what you thought you read? Yep! Tuning is utterly pointless and over-rated when you see just how important great set-up, maintenance, and tonal quality are to getting a great sound. It is important, but we'll talk about the right mentality to have with tuning in this course.

  • Breaking Tuning Down Into A Few Easy Steps

    There are four key steps to tuning, and, if we tackle them in a disciplined, organized way, you'll be tuning yourself better than you ever thought possible, regardless of what level you're at.

  • The 'Pitch-Time Continuum'

    Unfortunately, bagpipe tuning changes as you play, do to environmental factors inside of your pipe bag. This Dojo-original topic will help you understand what's going on in there, and how to masterfully tune your pipes despite this challenge.

  • Develop a Day-to-Day and Long-term Routine for Great Bagpipe Sound

    We're not done once we've covered all of the fundamental skills of setting up your bagpipe. We also talk in depth about how to strategically get a great sound on a day-to-day basis, and progressively over longer periods of time!

  • Advanced Chanter Reed Concepts

    Of course, once you've mastered the basics, you'll need a few tricks to really make your chanter sound uniquely yours. We'll cover the essential chanter-reed manipulations in this course, as well as the ultimate "screening" process for picking new chanter reeds for yourself or for your band.

  • Bagpipe Sound in Pipe Bands

    The final chapter of our course shows how to take our new mastery of bagpipe sound and extend that knowledge into the pipe-band environment. How do we tune a band as an extension of these logical skills?

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360 Degrees of Bagpipe Sound Knowledge

To our knowledge, never before has the "big picture" of bagpipe sound fundamentals been assembled so completely, so rationally, and so simply for the world to digest. How exactly does everything fit together? Is there a logical order of all of this stuff? What are my top priorities when I practice? Why am I stuck, and not able to improve?

All of these answers, and more, are found in this course.
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  • Super Bonus #1: Extended Bagpipe Maintence Skills/Extras

    As a very special one-time bonus, I'd also like to include (for free) my "Extended Maintenance Skills" videos. Usually, I will only offer these specific videos to private students (they're sort of industry secrets in many cases) and to bands I do workshops with, but, if you order before the deadline, I'm happy to throw these in for free.

    We'll show you how to season your bag so it's tighter than a football, how to tie-in a hide bag (very top-secret Dojo info here!), and we'll also cover "compression hemping," a trick that few pipers know about but will cut your maintenance time down to a fraction of what it used to be.

    My estimated value for this is at least $50, because of the knowledge and time it took to put these together, not to mention the huge value of being able to do all of this yourself! Enjoy it for free if you purchase this course before the deadline.

  • Super Bonus #2: 10 Bonus Hours of Instrument Fundamentals

    Also, if you purchase now, I'll offer you 10 bonus classes on instrument fundamentals from the Dojo U archives.

    These are classes that I've taught over the years that came off well, where there were tons of great interactive questions asked, and where the fundamentals were really well re-enforced.

    You'll have access to these classes inside of the Dojo U portal once you've purchased the course!

    Value: At least $75. (It would take you at least a couple of months of a Dojo U premium membership to digest all of this amazing bonus material!)

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Technicalities - How will this purchase actually work?

When you purchase the course, you'll get an email within a minute or so that contains log-in information to a secret area of the Dojo U website.

From this secret area, you'll be able to easily navigate to each part of our course, and to our bonus materials.

The course is taught mostly in video form. Our video smoothly streams onto your computer or mobile device, on demand wherever there's an internet connection.

The course also has over 100 pages of printable PDF slides, for you to take notes on (if you wish).

Worried about Support?

Don't be! We have members of staff available to offer you tons of support during every business week. Plus, on weekends, we're usually around to help via email.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know that purchasing a course like this seems like a bit of a risk... I mean, let's face it - maybe you won't like it, right?

I'm so confident that you'll love this course that I'll give you 30 days to tell me that it's not for you. If, in that time, you're just not getting out of it what you wanted, I'll refund you. It's a simple as that. If you're not happy, I pay, not you.

Oh, and even if you're not happy, you can keep all three bonus materials for free, on the house.

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