Transitioning your Tunes to the Full Bagpipes is Easy - you just need a Game Plan.

Introducing the All-New Dojo University Transitioning to the Bagpipes Course!

  • A simple, easy to follow, step-by-step game plan to getting you up on the full pipes faster and easier than you ever thought possible
  • 5 Easy, repeatable exercises to help you get any tune or exercise sounding GREAT on your full instrument.
  • Learn to tune without needing a "good ear" OR a pesky tuner!

You Will Discover:

- How every single solitary bagpipe technique fits into the Bagpipe Tree of Sound - a simple way of visualizing how maintenance, steady blowing, tone, and tuning all fit together!

- That steady blowing is NOT your top priority when playing the pipes, and that TONAL QUALITY is actually the key to getting a great sound. You'll also learn how the water-manometer is an amazing tool in learning how to find tonal quality.

- How there is no magic to tuning bagpipes whatsoever. We don't need a "good ear," and we DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED a tuner. Again, we just need a game plan. We like to say, if you can tune a radio, you can tune your pipes! 

Being a self-taught piper, you can imagine the pitfalls I have encountered (not to mention bad habits I have picked up along the way). I have found this course very useful and the instruction very informative, thorough and professional. I only wished I had discovered Dojo U much sooner!

Warwick M, Tuncurry Australia

Each and every lesson in this course has improved my piping skills ten-fold! The instruction is great and I thank you all for making this education available to us. Looking forward to more.

James C, Colorado

Dear Aspiring Bagpiper,

What if you could pull up a video on your home computer, office computer, television, or mobile device and learn the art of the Great Highland Bagpipe?

I'm not talking about gimmicks here! I'm talking about the real, objective, flexible tools of achieving an amazing bagpipe sound that the great bagpipers of history have used to create some of the world’s most expressive and emotional music of all time.

And, what if you could learn all of these skills in just a few weeks, instead of being stuck in the the infamous “it-takes-7-years-to-make-a-piper” trap? Are you getting excited yet?

Well... You should be!

Because on this page, I'm going to reveal our approach to learning the fundamentals of bagpipe sound that will allow you to learn anywhere: in your practice room, in your car, on your ipod® while at the gym --- ANYWHERE!

So, if you have a computer and that strong burning desire to be a piper, then you have what it takes to dive into our super fun, highly educational, and extremely high-definition video course and come out the other side as a real bagpiper.

Here's some info about our tested and proven approach…

For this course, all you need is to be “ready” to transition to the bagpipes. You don’t need to be a fingerwork expert - and, as a matter of fact, most of our students don’t even know embellishments yet when they first start out with this process. We just need some good fundamentally-sound things we can play on our practice chanters, and then it’s time to get it up on the pipes - the sooner, the better.

What does the physical aspect of playing pipes have to do with having perfect fingerwork? That’s right, nothing!

We don't use conventional methods that only sort of get you where you need to go. As a matter of fact - we invented this course to solve many of the problems with the traditional methods of teaching the potentially-scary process of transitioning to the pipes. Our course focuses on a logical pathway to building a foundation of bagpipe sound, in a way that you can connect with, believe in, and most importantly, that you can do in just a few minutes each session (in other words, you won’t have to slave away at your computer for months to get the hang of this).

You do NOT (I repeat, do NOT) need a “Good Ear,” OR a pesky Tuner! This course teaches you how to play your bagpipes, from scratch. We know from countless bagpipers going through our program that no genius is necessary here. Just a strong will (that’s where you come in), and a strong game plan (that’s where we come in). A “Good ear” is developed over time, and we’re going to show you how to develop it. A Tuner is hardly ever used by top pipers. Ever. There are a few exceptions, but none of them have to do with developing your ear.

No boring book work! Everything is video-based. Whether at home, lazing around the house, or even exercising, you'll benefit from this convenient way to learn. I designed this video program with busy people in mind so you'll find this program to be straight to the point, open ended (i.e. there's a lot of stuff you can do on your own time outside of the video-lessons), and most importantly - FUN. No fluff. No hype. Straight to the point!

Let's get down to it.

Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect to learn in our comprehensive "Transitioning to the Bagpipes" tutor video series:

  • Our Famous Bagpipe Tree of Sound

    Learn the logical building blocks of a great bagpipe sound so you’re never chasing your tail and wondering why things aren’t working.

  • 5 Simple, Fun, REAL Exercises

    These are actually useful exercises that will help you master the coordination of getting a great tone on the bagpipes, while playing the tunes we’ve been working on at the same time!

  • A Focus on "Tonal Quality"

    In our acclaimed transitioning course, we focus on “tonal quality” as opposed to just trying to sustain a sound. We’re not just trying to make noise here. We’re trying to make music!

  • 4 Simple Maintenance Steps

    Every time we get our pipes out, we should follow a mental checklist of 4 Simple Maintenance Steps to follow, so you’re never struggling for air as you play!

  • 10-Minutes to Troubleshooting

    When we learn the bagpipes, there's always things that go wrong. Our 10-minute troubleshooting video in Part 5 gives you the answers to the most common problems, and in short order!

  • Downloadable PDF Companion

    In the computer age, we don't need books any more. Many of us just use our tablets to read things. This tutor comes with an expansive PDF companion that you can download and take notes on. You can even print it, and bind it into your own book if you wish!

  • High-Definition AND Standard Definition Video you can watch it on the big screen, on your mobile device, with high speed internet, or low-speed internet. Basically, whatever environment you're in, you'll be able to learn your piping lessons.

  • Available on Any Device

    You won’t be able to download our proprietary videos to your device, but as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access the course from any device. You know, from your phone, to your tablet, to your TV, to…. your spaceship?

  • Forget the Myth of the "Good Ear"

    It's time to discard this awful idea, that you need to have a "great ear" to tune your pipes - or, even worse, that you're going to need a TUNER! Ack! How about, instead, we learn the skills needed to tune our pipes, and continually develop those skills through our career. Yes. That is what needs to happen (and we all know it, deep down).

  • Our Play-Pipes-FAST Philosophy

    There's no way, in the fast-paced world we now live in, that we can allow learning the bagpipes to take 7 years! In our tutor, we'll have you playing your bagpipes within a few short videos! Let's get playing some music, and let's get there today!

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The Bagpipe Tree of Sound

Every great Dojo needs a tree of some kind right?

The Bagpipe Tree of Sound grows from the roots, known as bagpipe maintenance. How do we set the pipes up to make sure 110% of all of our air and energy goes into producing a great tone and sound?

Next, we focus on the tonal quality of our bagpipe. Notice that this happens before tuning. How do we get the richest, most harmonic possible sound out of our instrument, 100% of the time?

Last but not least, we develop our tuning skills. We don't need a great ear to start off with, but you'll be amazed how well your ear develops when you practice your tuning skills just a little bit each day.

360 Degrees of Bagpipe Learning Bliss

To our knowledge, never before have the essential fundamentals of learning full-bagpipe technique been assembled so completely, so rationally, and so simply for the world to digest. How exactly does everything fit together? Is there a logical order of all of this stuff? What are my top priorities when I practice? Why was I stuck, and not able to improve?

All of these answers, and more, are found in this course.
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Technicalities - How will this purchase actually work?

When you purchase the course, you'll get an email within a minute or so that contains log-in information to a secret area of the Dojo U website.

From this secret area, you'll be able to easily navigate to each part of our course, and to our bonus materials.

The course is taught mostly in video form. Our video smoothly streams onto your computer or mobile device, on demand wherever there's an internet connection.

The course also has over 100 pages of printable PDF slides, for you to take notes on (if you wish).

Worried about Support?

Don't be! We have members of staff available to offer you tons of support during every business week. Plus, on weekends, we're usually around to help via email.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know that purchasing a course like this seems like a bit of a risk... I mean, let's face it - maybe you won't like it, right?

I'm so confident that you'll love this course that I'll give you 30 days to tell me that it's not for you. If, in that time, you're just not getting out of it what you wanted, I'll refund you. It's a simple as that. If you're not happy, I pay, not you.

Oh, and even if you're not happy, you can keep all three bonus materials for free, on the house.

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