BAEYS Chapter 4

Tutor [Vintage] - Lesson 4-4: Type B Embellishments - Low G Oriented Movements

Andrew Douglas
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The last thing we have to learn before moving on to full bagpipe tunes are Low G Oriented Movements. Low G movements are the most esoteric of all bagpipe movements. These are tricky embellishments, which are truly powerful and rich when executed well, but sound terrible and musically pointless when executed incorrectly (or carelessly). With these Low G movements, focus hard on the two cardinal rules; play every embellishment accurately and evenly. Don’t be in a rush to play these as fast as you can. Patience in mastering the Low G movements now will reward you for the rest of your piping career.

Tutor [Vintage] - Lesson 4-5: 16 Classic Bagpipe Tunes, Fully Embellished

Andrew Douglas
Finally, we are ready to experience the full settings of some bagpipe tunes. If you aren’t familiar with these melodies, it is very important that you listen through the examples on each of the Videos to familiarize yourself with the tunes. Not doing so will make it very hard to know what you are shooting for. Each tune will have its own Objectives, and list of Hot-spots. Hot-spots are places in the tunes where you need to pay attention to a certain fundamental – they will be marked with a caution sign (      ).