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1/5th Seaforth Highlanders Welcome to France

David Lairson
In this part of the continuing series about bagpipe tunes of the First World War we are going to discuss the tune the “1/5th Seaforth Highlanders Welcome to France.” This is a jaunty, 2/4 tune written by Corporal H. Gammock of the 1/5 Seaforth Highlanders. This tune gives us a great opportunity to discus the role of the Territorial Forces in the First World War.

Major MacRae’s Farewell to the 72nd Highlanders

Bagpipe Like an Olympian

Vin Janoski
The Olympics are considered a display of peak athletic performance. The best athletes collect to compete on snow, turf, ice, grass, court, and track. It's an inspirational display of athletics and human physical achievement. As with any intense activity (including bagpiping), Olympic athletes suffer through the same mental barriers when trying to stay motivated, keep improving, and attain personal goals.

"What Key is the Highland Bagpipe?"