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Dojo U hosts well over a dozen live classes per week! You'll need a Basic or Premium membership to view the content - click here to learn more and to register today!

Live Class Schedule

Live Bagpipe Classes Online
To see what's happening today and throughout the week, click here! For quick-access, you can also check out the "Today's Events" side-bar to the right.


Browse Our Archive

Live Bagpipe Classes Online
Every live class that we do on Dojo U is recorded and stored in the archive. Our archive contains thousands of classes that we've done in the past. Not bad eh? To browse the archive, click here! Also, you can use the "Archive" tab above to access the archives on the fly.


The Piper's Dojo Tutor

Live Bagpipe Classes Online
The Piper's Dojo "Bagpipe as an Extension of your Self" tutor is the world's best tutor for beginning pipers (and for those who want to re-learn the Dojo way)! Click here to get started and explore, or, during normal navigation, you can use the "Tutor" tab at the top of the page for easy access.


Polish Your Fundamentals

Live Bagpipe Classes Online
The Dojo has developed the most rational, efficient, objective system of learning the pipes in the world (or, we think so at least!). What are these mystical fundamentals? Click here to find out, and to develop your palette of skills!