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Company’s Lament - Urlar (Building)

Company’s Lament - Urlar (Building)


Here is the Urlar of Company's Lament.

How to use Tune Building Posts: Below, you'll see various 'practice pods' that loop automatically, so you can practice along and develop the tune properly. For the full story on the Tune Building Process, click here.


Ground - L1P1:

Here's the first phrase of Company's Lament. Get a good rodin and play the double-echo correctly.

Ground - L1P2:

Another double-echo here...

Ground - Line1:

Let's put the whole first line together.

Ground - L2P1:

An F double-echo in this phrase - play it well!

Ground - L2P2:

Keep on painting with a paint-brush, never slashing away at the rhythms.

Ground - Line2:

Ground - L3P1:

Ground - L3P2:

The C after the Grip is short, but not jagged!

Ground - Line3:

Ground - All:


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