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Daily Dose: A Dose of Sweetness!


Are you hitting the sweet spot to produce the most pleasant tone from your pipes? Find out with today's Daily Dose!

The Sweet Spot

There are a variety of different pressures you can blow on your bagpipe chanter, but which is the best? We say, the “sweet spot” on your bagpipe chanter reed is “the highest pressure you can possibly blow on your reed WITHOUT risking squeaks or unwanted sounds.”

To find this sweet spot, you can use a tube-manometer, and test for the exact point at which your chanter might start to squeak by playing G grace notes on Low G (the most sensitive finger-combination on the pipes). Once you know the sweet spot, then your job is to learn to blow steadily at that mark!

Basics of Tonal Quality

The Sweet Spot Explained

Why we DON'T teach steady blowing at the Dojo (and what we teach instead...)

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Daily Doses Daily Doses are little mini "work-outs" for you to improve and reinforce your technique every single day. Take 10 minutes to view the lesson, spend a few minutes practicing, and then upload your results to our Daily Dose Facebook Page for Feedback from Dojo U instructors and peers!