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Daily Dose: A High Risk of Crossing Noises


Let's get back into some scale navigation exercises with today's Daily Dose.

Scale Navigation and Avoiding Crossing Noises

Bagpipers have to be able to go from note to note cleanly, with no unwanted sounds occurring during note changes. When we hear an unwanted sound during a note change, pipers refer to these sounds as “crossing noises,” which, needless to say, are bad!

There are three 'types' of crossing noises that are accidentally created in three different ways (“Lift/Drop,” “Rolling,” and “Phantom.”) It’s worth fully understanding all three types of crossing noises so that, when you hear a crossing noise, you know exactly how to troubleshoot.

Crossing Noises: More Than You Might Want to Know

Basics of Scale Navigation

Dealing with Crossing Noises

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