This is an anatomically obscure, two-step OR three-step embellishment played by utilizing two lateral strikes of the Low A finger. Versions of the birl are found throughout Light Music and Piobaireachd.
Low A Birl HDG Gracenoted Birl HD

The Steps (Simple)

Low A Birl HD

The Steps (Low A Birl)

G Gracenoted Birl HDThe Steps (G Gracenoted Birl)


  • This is a special embellishment, that should produce a rhythmic, "crackling" sound when executed properly.
  • It can have either two or three steps, depending on what version of the birl is called for.
  • The movement should produce two OR three even "sounds" or "syllables."
  • Notice that the "simple" birl is played only from Low A to Low A. In modern piping, the Low A and G Gracenoted Birls are probably more commonly seen.

Low A & G Gracenoted Demonstration