Dojo U "Engage":

Welcome to our Mastermind Facebook Group. [Premium Members Only]

Dojo U Premium Members receive exclusive access to our online "mastermind" forum on Facebook called "Dojo U Engage." Just like a business mastermind group, Dojo U Engage is all about sharing what’s working, and getting help with what isn’t! Our members at Dojo U Engage include….

  • A six-time World Champion Pipe Major
  • A winner of two Clasps in Piobaireachd, who also happens to have written 4 books of bagpipe music.
  • One of the youngest pipers ever to win the Gold Medal in Scotland, and the youngest ever to win a Clasp.
  • A promimenent writer in the bagpipe blog-o-sphere.

Also, there’s a ton of pipers who aren’t famous, but they’ve been around the block, much like you’re attempting to do.

  • Thirteen solo pipers who have ascended 2 grade levels in two years!
  • At least 7 pipers who make their living playing weddings, funerals, and other gigs.
  • Countless actively competing pipers in all grade levels… but also…
  • Countless pipers who just like to play for fun, and enjoy the process of learning to sound as good as they possibly can.

Once you have shown that you are fully committed to this group, these members (and others) will be ready, willing and able to come to your aid. But! Be forewarned - when it's time, you'll be expected to chip in and help others as well.

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