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Birl Technique [Vintage]

Birl Technique [Vintage]


In this class we discuss the finger mechanics of all sorts of birls, and how to get the best articulation possible. Then we look at birls in the context of John Morrison of Assynt House, one of the big classic reels. It's chock full of dense technique situations that are birl-heavy, so it's a great proving ground to see just how good you can make them!

Date of Original Live Class: Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 8:15 pm
Course Name: Technique Development
Class Name: Birl Technique
Class Instructor: Eric Ouellette

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Eric Ouellette Eric has been competing internationally at the professional level since age 16. A brief list of accomplishments include: first place in piobaireachd at both the George Sherriff invitational in Ontario (2003) and the Nicol Brown invitational (2004), 3rd in the MacGregor Memorial in Oban (2005), 3rd in the US silver medal at Kansas City (2006), 1st in the B piobaireachd at Perth (2013 and 2014), 1st in the open marches at Perth (2013), 1st in the B strathspey and reel at Oban (2014), and countless other domestic prizes and aggregates, along with an appearance with the Oran Mor Pipe Band in the Grade 1 final at the Worlds (2011), and a first place showing with the Stuart Highlanders in grade 1 at Perth (2014).