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Haughs of Cromdale - First Part (Tune Building)


Sheet Music:

Haughs of Cromdale - Fully Embellished

Haughs of Cromdale - Simplified

Here's a fun little 2/4 March. Let's build it up.

How to use Tune Building Posts: Below, you'll see various 'practice pods' that loop automatically, so you can practice along and develop the tune properly. For the full story on the Tune Building Process, click here.

Bar 1:

Make sure to get a clean E Half Doubling here and a clean G grace note to the ASAP B

Bar 2:

Watch out for grace note sync error here and let's hear the 3 steps of that D Throw

Phrase 1:

Okay, makes sure you're playing the right notes and playing the perfectly with the metronome.

Bar 3:

Small variance on Bar 1.

Bar 4:

Keep that D Throw open and play the steps. Remember the Low G starts on the beat.

Phrase 2:

Okay let's try these two together and keep it clicking.

Line 1:

Get in a nice groove here with good technique

Phrase 3:

Recycled Material: We've seen this material before, earlier in the tune! So, there's no need to learn this bit again (as long as you did a good job the first time around!)

Same as Phrase 1

Ending Phrase:

Keep it grooving along, remember, don't be late to that E Doubling.

Line 2:

Whole Part (1st Time):

Let's try the whole part - not that bad, eh?


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