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MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart - GDE Variations (Building)

MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart - GDE Variations (Building)


Here is the Taorluath Variations of MacCrimmon's Sweetheart.

How to use Tune Building Posts: Below, you'll see various 'practice pods' that loop automatically, so you can practice along and develop the tune properly. For the full story on the Tune Building Process, click here.

GDE Singling

TaorluathSingling - Line1:

TaorluathSingling - Line2:

TaorluathSingling - Line3:

TaorluathSingling - All:

TaorluathDoubling - Line1:

TaorluathDoubling - Line2:

TaorluathDoubling - Line3:

TaorluathDoubling - All:


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