How to Thread Drone Reed Seats (with Carl Donley)

Carl Donley
In this post, Carl demonstrates the proper way to thread your drone reed seats. You drone reeds will never fall in your bag again. Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk and make sure you (and your instructor) understand all the implications and risks.  This can void the warranty on some sets of pipes.  

Technique Development - DIY Troubleshooting - Basic

Vin Janoski
In this class, Vin talks about ways to troubleshoot piping problems before the trouble happens! He explores the tricks to taking care of potential problems so they are eliminated completely. He then opens up the class to discuss specific problems and troubleshoots them on the fly. Date of Original Live Class: Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Bruce Gandy - The Bagpipe Checklist [Vintage]

Bruce Gandy
Your bagpipes need to working at optimum levels if you want to perform well. Bruce walks through his handy checklist for making sure your bagpipe is in peak form. Working through general maintenance, setting reeds, and other tricks to make sure everything is working well. Great advice from one of the world's experts!