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Dream Valley of Glendaurel [Vintage]

Dream Valley of Glendaurel [Vintage]


Course Name: Repertoire Expansion
Class Name: Dream Valley of Glendaurel
Class Instructor: Marc DuBois
Date of Original Live Class: Sunday, August 5, 2012 6:30pm

Description: In this session we take a look at the classic 3/4 Dream Valley of Glendaurel. We approach it with our usual emphasis on rhythmical framework, insertion of technique, and pulse. An excellent addition to any repertoire.

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Marc Dubois Marc is an experienced pipe band leader and bagpipe judge from the Northeast USA. He spent many years with the Oran Mor Pipe Band as a piper and as a bass drummer, and thus has a extensive background on the topic of pipe band ensemble. He's currently the Pipe Major of the Schenectady Pipe Band.