Vincent Janoski (Oran Mor Piper) - Become a Pipe Hacker - The Pipe Hacking Mindset - Make Your Own Water Trap [Vintage]

Vin Janoski
Note: In this class, there was a room mix up so there aren't any students in it - but it's still a great class!

The Pipehacker is here to teach you to become a pipehacker too. A "pipe hack" is simply a DIY method or solution for altering or making something that personalizes your bagpipe. In this class, you'll learn the secrets to the pipehacking mindset. Vince will present some of the DIY projects featured on and run through them step-by-step. Learn how to construct your own watertrap. Learn an easy way to make a protective reed container. Need an improved flapper valve? You'll make one of those as well.