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The art of Piobaireachd, many argue, is at serious risk of fading entirely. Well - not if Dojo U has anything to say about it! Here you can learn tunes, participate in Piobaireachd culture, and immerse yourself in the Big Music on-demand, where and whenever you need. Let's talk about how to get started from a Piobaireachd angle here at Dojo U:

The Piobaireachd Glossary (Coming Soon)

One of the big things that holds many, many, many of us back is the "intimidation factor" of playing Piobaireachd. What is this funny looking embellishment? What's that abbreviation mean? What in heavens is a Crunluath Fosgailte variation? Well, all of this stuff is quite doable and not really that hard - once we know what we're doing. That's what our Piobaireachd glossary is for. You can peruse our glossary by scrolling down on the home page, and see applicable glossary-entries on our Piobaireachd-lesson Pages. (Coming Soon)

Get Tunes From the Best Possible Sources

callum-beaumontJust like historians seek out the "primary sources" for their studies, so do Piobaireachd players. Here at Dojo U, we seek out the world's very top performers and scholars on the topic of playing Piobaireachd. Whether you search in the Dojo U Tune Index, or keep watch as we release new Piobaireachd content several times a week, you'll find nothing but the most direct sources to learn your tunes the right way!

Get Critiqued On Your Playing!

Here at Dojo U, it's extremely straightforward to submit tunes for critique, and to interact with our world-renowned teachers. You can use the "Submit" button on the Navigation Bar (members only) to easy upload MP3 performances for critique. From there, we can load that into live sessions for hands-on feedback.

As You Go: Immerse Yourself

Dojo U ScreenshotAs you are going through the rigorous process of learning the basics of the bagpipes, there's another thing you have to consider: Immersion into this great music and culture is going to prove a vital element of the learning process. Just as no man is an island, no man (or woman!) has ever become a great piper by studying the "text" alone. You're also going to soak up every little bit of info about this amazing art form as you can.

The cool thing about this? Dojo U is a 360 degree learning platform for pipers of all levels and stages. Keep an eye on the new content as it comes out (literally) on a daily basis! Preview stuff that's too advanced for you. Push yourself to learn as much as you can. Interact with us on Facebook. Ask questions. Submit your playing for critique -- immerse yourself!


Andrew Douglas Andrew is a prolific practitioner of the bagpipe, having been active at the highest level of pipe bands, solo competition, teaching, and creative endeavors for the past 20 years. He's also the founder and creator of Dojo U and of PipersDojo.com


  1. Looks like" Too Long in this Condition" but I don't recognize the MS. Angus MacKay? What is the next step? Will someone play it, and will the learner try and play it back? Seems like there could be several different players to make it interesting. Just a thought. What is next?