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Playing To the Foot - A Bagpiping Essential

Playing To the Foot - A Bagpiping Essential


3RhythmicFiguresI thought I would share a little insight about Basic Rhythm with you today. After a bagpiper gets a good handle on Scale Navigation, it's important to be able to arrange those melody notes that you can now navigate across time - you know, rhythm!

Rhythm has a certain stigma around it, and we see a lot of folks go cross-eyed when they see complicated rhythms presented in front of them - even though what may appear complicated is actually well within their grasp from a practical standpoint.

How do we simplify the challenge of rhythm? Well, throughout our tutor, we gradually ascend in rhythmic complexity, so that the student can see how things relate to each other. That part's pretty easy. The next important element, though, is the foot. You see, especially in folk music, the beat is almost always the dominant factor in the rhythmic structure of a tune. So, we focus hard on making sure all technique and rhythm is played to the foot so that we can have an anchor for all of it. Not coincidentally, the ability to play with the foot is the same as the ability to play with other people's feet (otherwise known as: creating unison with other pipers!).

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