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To best honor those that have been lost, and to best honor the great institutions for which we perform, producing music at the highest level needs to be at the forefront of our minds each time we pick up our bagpipes. Let's look at how Dojo U can help us do just that.

Just Starting? Use Our Tutor - Recently Expanded to Include the Essential Public Service Music! (Coming Soon)

If you're brand new to the bagpipes, fear not! Dojo U can literally take you from total zero, all the way to bagpipe hero!

The one thing you will need before you can get started learning the pipes is a practice chanter (the instrument that we use to learn the basic fingerwork of the bagpipes). Click here now to view our line of practice chanters. Not sure which one to buy? Just shoot our support team an email with any questions.

BAEYS Tutor BoxNext up, the good part! Due to popular demand, our world-acclaimed "Bagpipe as an Extension of your Self" Tutor is now expanded to include the essential public-service tunes that we'll need in order to become successful band members. Learn from total scratch and become an expert - in way less time than it would take using other learning methods.

Version 2 of our Tutor is designed from the ground up by us, making it (we believe) the very best bagpipe tutor in the world! You can access it any time as as Basic or Premium Member, or you can purchase it as a stand-alone product.

From any device, at any time, learn all of the basics of bagpipe fingerwork here at Dojo U. You can navigate to it quickly and easily using the navigation menu at the top of the site.

Content Targeted Specifically for Public Service Purposes!

Not all pipers want to compete, play piobaireachd, or reach some sort of trancendental plane of bagpipe consciousness! Many of us just want to honor our Fallen, and honor our Departments. On the home page of Dojo U, you'll find a whole section devoted to key topics surrounding playing great music and executing a great presentation when on parade and/or during performances.

As You Go: Immerse Yourself

Dojo U ScreenshotAs you are going through the specific process of becoming a great band player, there's another thing you have to consider: Immersion into this great music and culture is going to prove a vital element of the learning process. Just as no man is an island, no man (or woman!) has ever become a great piper by studying one facet of our great music alone. You're also going to soak up every little bit of info about this amazing art form as you can.

The cool thing about this? Dojo U is a 360 degree learning platform for pipers of all levels and stages. Keep an eye on the new content as it comes out (literally) on a daily basis! Preview stuff that's too advanced for you. Push yourself to learn as much as you can. Interact with us on Facebook. Ask questions. Submit your playing for critique -- immerse yourself!


Andrew Douglas Andrew is a prolific practitioner of the bagpipe, having been active at the highest level of pipe bands, solo competition, teaching, and creative endeavors for the past 20 years. He's also the founder and creator of Dojo U and of PipersDojo.com