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Rob MacNeil - Bagpipe Music Writer with Rob MacNeil [Vintage]

Rob MacNeil - Bagpipe Music Writer with Rob MacNeil [Vintage]


Setting music is as essential a skill as keyboarding in this modern era. Only one problem: Using BMW can seem like learning another language to use it properly. Well, fret no more. The creator of BMW himself, Rob MacNeil, is here in a special two-week intensive class to show you the inside tricks to getting the most out of this essential piece of software and to get your music scores looking like a page out of a music book. Ever wonder if BMW is capable of more than you thought? Join Rob as he runs through the best techniques for generating the neatest and most accurate music scores possible with ease. Rob is on hand answer your BMW questions and to show you the full features of the software--and perhaps teach you a bunch of brand new tricks you never knew existed. Have scribbled notes for original tunes you want to share? Have the urge to document all of your critical exercises and repertoire? All of these things are possible when you have the right tools and the right techniques. Join Rob MacNeil in this special Dojo University two-week session. Session 2 of 2. Advanced coding, printing/type-setting, and playback. Also how to arrange multiple tunes and final wrap-up.

Date of Original Live Class: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 8:30 PM
Course Name: Special Events
Class Name: Bagpipe Music Writer with Rob MacNeil
Class Instructor: Rob MacNeil

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