Home Interest Pipe Band Robert Mathieson - Amazing Tips to Improve Your Pipe Band Today. [Vintage]
Robert Mathieson - Amazing Tips to Improve Your Pipe Band Today. [Vintage]

Robert Mathieson - Amazing Tips to Improve Your Pipe Band Today. [Vintage]


18 Amazing tips from Rob. Let's dive in!

Tip #1: Play your pipes a little bit, more often. (As opposed to long marathon sessions)

Tip #2: Monitor Each person's individual pipe setup and tonal quality at practice. Identify the best bagpipe and "time" how long it takes to settle in.

Tip #3: Plan and Adopt a "Band tone policy", and expect every piper to live up to it.

Tip #4: Attacks - High A Finger Off Hole during attacks (All pipers). Listen to attacks rank-by-rank.

Tip #5: Always blow warm air into bag during last few minutes of tune up, and while waiting at the line to start competing.

Tip #6: Always Play a Simple Tune when Checking Chanter-Tuning and when Tuning Drones. NEVER just a scale. Never tune drones on a constant Low A.

Tip #7: Always start playing pipes at band practice at the same time. Don't allow pipers to play their pipes on the same day as practice.

Tip #8: Look smart, play smart! Treating Uniform and Appearance as a team will help you perform as a team. (Fancy Sgian Dubh guy is not with the program)

Tip #9: When you have blown in a good chanter reed, take it out and save it as a backup reed.

Tip #10: When taking a break from playing on performance day, make sure pipes are all resting in the EXACT SAME ENVIRONMENT and in the EXACT SAME SETUP. ie - chanters in, all pipes on the same side of bus.

Tip #11: Watch and observe the top bands' setup process as they approach their competition.

Tip #12: Appoint a Bagpipe Maintenance Inspector

Tip #13: When training/practicing, play longer sets to build stamina (repeat certain tunes in sets).

Tip #14: Bag Slippage - Practice with band jacket on.

Tip #15: Record yourself playing band sets. Then adjudicate your performance and identify the weakest parts.

Tip #16: Hold extra band practices the week leading up to a competition.

Tip #17: Practice as a band on practice-chanters and pads.

Tip #18: Get practice chanters in tune.

Date of Original Live Class: Monday, February 2nd, 2015 at 12pm
Course Name: Special Events
Class Name: Amazing Tips to Improve Your Pipe Band Today.
Class Instructor: Robert Mathieson

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Robert Mathieson Robert Mathieson was Pipe Major of the famous Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band from 1986 to 2010. During that time, he he led the band to 30 Major Competition Championships, including 5 world-titles. His renowned creativity, compositional prowess, and partnership with the great Jim Kilpatrick has earned him a repuation for being one of the world's foremost authorities on issues of ensemble, integration, and overall pipe band musical performance.