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Sleepy Maggie (Dot Cut) - Part 1 (with Carl Donley)


Today we look at a classic tune which is often played in the round idiom. Today, we switch things up a bit a look at it as a Dot Cut Reel instead! We focus on fusion and reel expression, and how dot/cut rhythm differs in a reel as compared to a March or Strathspey. Part 1


Carl Donley Carl Donley is professional piper who hails originally from Chicago. He has been playing for over 20 years and has taken numerous prizes in solos throughout his rise to the professional grade. Carl got his pipe band start with the Ft. Lauderdale Highlanders in south Florida, and also played in the Grade 2 Chicago Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band during high school, before joining The Oran Mor Pipe Band in 2008. In addition to playing in Oran Mor, Carl was the Pipe Major of The Iona College Pipe Band during his four years at Iona College. He is now the Chief Operating Officer at the Piper's Dojo.


  1. I am baack! had a great St Patrick's Day Season marching in 5 parade with my band, CùChullain Pipes and Drums, Denville, NJ. Then, on April 6 I marched in the combined band, Tunes of Glory, coordinated by Jock Nesbitt and his family, from Kearny, NJ. I took their modestly priced party bus to and from the parade start on at 45th and 6th Ave, NY. We marched in the 2019 NYC Tartan Parade, marching 8 pipers across in this band of misfits (my friend Gordon's description) ~in actuality this is a wonderful opportunity for pipers whose own bands weren't marching to have some great fun!

    We had 2 drum majors;
    40 pipers;
    2 bass drummers;
    2 tenor drummers; and
    8 snare drummers!

    The whole experience was truly one of the highlights of my life. We had a long, long wait to move to the start of the parade (we were brought onto the parade start at 1:21!!), but the experience of playing with such a large group of pipers and drummers was awesome!!

    Best, Lee Glendening Koss (ContraGirl) ~my other life as a flutist ~ Hahahaha!